We provide access to the only full-text searchable database of peer-reviewed eJournals from the Arab and Islamic world. Researchers and students can access tens of thousands of articles from hundreds of journals from the world’s leading universities and research institutes.

Our Arab Citation Index provides an objective means to critically evaluate the Arab and Islamic worlds’ leading journals. Our proprietary M Factor (Al Manhal Factor) is a measure of the frequency in which journal articles are used and cited. By tracking how articles are used and cited, M Factor helps measure research influence and impact.

Al Manhal’s eJournals database includes the following two collections: 

1. Humanities & Social Sciences

Al Manhal eJournal collection in Humanities & Social Sciences currently includes the following disciplines:

Educational Science
Psychology & Philosophy
History, Geography & Biography
Social Sciences
Business & Economics
Language & Literature
Islamic Studies
Political Science & International Relations
Islamic Banking & Finance
Media and Communication New
Al Ahram: Political Science & International Relations
Art and Architecture

2. Science, Technical & Medical (STM)

Al Manhal’s Science & Technical, and Medical databases include journals from the most authoritative scientific research institutes and medical societies.

Science & Technical : Science & Technical Journals collection provides broad material related to chemistry, biology, hydrology and mathematics as well as other specialized subjects such as agriculture, technology, engineering and more

Medical : The newly released collection covers a wide array of medical subjects, such as surgery, prevention of diseases, nursing, pediatrics, pharmacology and much more
 In providing this online service, Al Manhal has responded to long-standing demand in the market. It will spread the pioneering research, thought and innovation emanating from the Middle East and support the work of academics. Since adding our journal to almanhal.com, we have gained international exposure and benefited from the opportunities to connect with researchers across the world."

Dr. Walid Sarhan


The Arab Journal of Psychiatry

Facts & Figures :

  • Current growing number of titles: Over 478
  • Growing collections: Approx. 30% - Total of 621 titles with over 84863 articles by end of 2020
  • Prominent publishing partners: 279 (growing)
  • Publishing partner’s geographical coverage: Arab & Islamic world
  • Publishing frequency: Guaranteed
  • Back-files: At least 3 years
  • Citation linking network: complete DOI coverage by article
  • Indexed by: Summon, EDS and OCLC
  • Languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Malay & Spanish

Al Manhal Services for Journals:

a. Editorial-Production Support: Al-Manhal Editorial-Production manages the production (post-acceptance) and (for many journals) editorial review (pre-acceptance) process

b. Expedient Production: At Al-Manhal, we recognize the need for fast and accurate publication of journal articles. Our Journal Managers guarantee to expedite the process in uploading content to ensure the quickest possible availability of publications with minimal delay or waiting time

c. Language Editing: We provide English and Arabic Language editing services in order to ensure that articles are written according to internationally recognized academic research publishing standards

d. Technical Editing: Once the language is reviewed, Al Manhal goes one step further to provide necessary technical and production related services to ensure the best and most appropriate production (versions) for all publications

Al Manhal database for Arabic peer-reviewed Journals adds a distinct quality to our Arabic eLibrary which clearly suffers in this area andt is a key tributary to the educational development in the Arab world. Al Manhal peer-reviewed Arabic Journals is a necessary tool to any Arab and foreign researcher, which particularly serves graduate students and faculty members. We hope to see Al Manhal databases for Arabic Journals receive coverage in the Arab World."

Abdullah Kreishan

Head of Library

World Islamic & Sciences University

Al Manhal key titles include :

Title : The Scientific Journal Arab Academy in Denmark
Publisher : The Arab Academy in Denmark
Sub-Subject : Political Science,Social Sciences,Economics & Finance,Law
ISSN : 19028458
Title : Arab Journal of Science and Research Publishing
Publisher : Muʼssasat al-Majallah al-ʻArabīyah lil-ʻUlūm wa-Nashr al-Abḥāth
Sub-Subject : Education,Literature,Agriculture,Engineering & applied operations
ISSN : 9774344X
Title : Dental News
Publisher : Dental News
Sub-Subject : Surgery & related medical specialties
ISSN : 1026261X
Title : Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal
Publisher : Sultan Qaboos University
Sub-Subject : Medicine
ISSN : 2075051X
Title : Journal of Oral and Dental Research
Publisher : Iraqi Association for Oral Research
Sub-Subject : Medicine
ISSN : 23106417
Title : Majallat al-Mudawwanah
Publisher : Islamic Fiqh Academy
Sub-Subject : Islamic Jurisprudence
ISSN : 23491884
Title : International Design Journal
Publisher : The Designer's Scientific Society
Sub-Subject : Arts,Architecture
ISSN : 20909632
Title : Special Education Journal
Publisher : Educational Psychological and Environmental Information Center
Sub-Subject : Psychology,Education
ISSN : 23567996
Title : International Journal of Islamic Economics and Finance Studies
Publisher : Center for Political, Economic and Social Research
Sub-Subject : Islamic Jurisprudence,Islamic Banking and Finance
ISSN : 21498393
Title : Kuwait Chapter of Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review
Publisher : American University
Sub-Subject : Social Sciences,General management
ISSN : 22248358